Are you ready to make 50K-1Lakh every Month?

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom in Just 90 Days Using Proven Frameworks, Strategies, Done-For-You Templates and Everything You May Need.


Years of experience


Served Clients


Students Mentored


Years of experience


Served Clients


Students Mentored

Bhavika is earning 5000$ per month

Chaitra has made 1Lac+ in 4 Months

Saily is earning 1 Lac per Month

Lipsa is charging 3000 USD per client

Divya joined team50K in just 7 days

Aanchal is Building Her Own Agency!

Varun is earning 2 lakhs per month

Chetna got her first client within 3 weeks

Let me teach you how 1753+ Students and I did it in 2022 alone, and…

You boss! Can do it too.

You will become financially independent working as a freelancer doing things you love and using skills that you didn't know you have.

Don't have enough time? Or the only skill you have now is how to communicate in English? No problem. We have got your back.

You will be making 50,000 to 1,00,000 INR by serving Indian and international clients.

Is this for you? Yes if...

You are ambitious and want to learn how to make extra money with your skills without quitting your job, but need guidance on where to start.

You want to make 50k - 1 Lac+ per month working part-time or full-time as a freelancer and just need guidance on how to do it.

You have basic English speaking and writing skill.

You want to make your career in freelancing and earn in 6-figures by working in Service-Based niches like Content Writing, Copywriting, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant, Sales Funnels, and Consulting.

You want to learn the secret strategies to get High-paying clients for your services who value your skill and time.

Most importantly, you want to be your own BOSS and choose who you work with on your own terms.
Does this sound like you?

From Answers to Hires:
Join the Community that Does It All

Freelance 101 Academy Got Answers To All Your Questions
(even if it's 12am)

With over 5000+ freelancers and the most talented mentors, no matter what questions you have, they will be answered.

And that’s a Saheli Chatterjee guarantee.

Freelance 101 Academy is known for helping:

How to identify and learn profitable skills that are in demand globally to earn a full-time income - even if you only want to work part-time!

How to get and attract Well-Paying Clients - Indian and International.

How to create a kickass portfolio, send proposals and use contracts as a Freelancer.

How to make 1Lac INR+/month as a Freelancer using High Paying Client Attraction Strategies.

How to market and sell your services like a pro to become a 6-figure freelancer.

Do you want to get paid 1-2 Lakh+ Per Client?

Meet YOUR mentor

Hi, I'm Saheli

And I can promise you, with me, making money online gets easier. The legit way.

I am working as a Freelancer for over 7 Years Now!

I have made over 1.5 Cr as a Freelancer in last 3 Years

I have built Multiple Income Streams

I have coached 2378+ students to start freelancing in Service-Based Industries

At 21 I moved out by becoming fully financially independent

I have worked with Indian and Global Clients and generated them revenue.

I charge 1-2Lacs/client now

And I am finally a DOG MOM!

"Saheli is a leading voice in the world of marketing and freelancing."

Top High Paying Skills that you will be learning inside the F101 Academy are..

Master the in-demand skills that can turn your freelance dreams into a lucrative reality.


You will learn how to write long form content like blogs, copy for social ads, emails, landing pages, and more.


You will learn how to manage and grow social media platforms, create strategies for brands and individuals.


You will learn how to sell and market your services as an expert to get high-paying clients who will pay you $2000+ per project.


You will learn how to create content that goes Viral and that you can use to land Inbound leads.


You will learn how to present yourself as an industry expert and consult your client by providing solutions to their problems using your expertise.

BONUSES WORTH 77,994+ If you enroll today, you get:

Access to the Course Content of Pre Recorded Videos (+ All Updates)

Value 17,999 INR

Worksheets, Cheatsheets, and Guides to help you implement what you learn

Value 6,999 INR

12 Live Exclusive Q&A Group Coaching Calls every week for 3 Months

Value 14,999 INR

VIP Support For All Queries in FB Group for 6 months

Value 5,999 INR

Join Bonus: 10 MasterClasses

Value 19,999 INR

1:1 Call with Saheli for Top Performers

Value 11,999 INR

Total Value: 77,994+ INR

But Saheli...what do you teach?


Module 01

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ The basics of freelancing that will help you in identifying the exact skill to go for
⟶ How to plan to reach six figures or 1,00,000/ month


Module 02

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to build a strong portfolio from scratch
⟶ The 10 Factors of a High-Income Portfolio


Module 03

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ The effective ways to optimize your Social Media Platforms
⟶ How to increase your social visibility so that clients can find you easily.


Module 04

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to Get Clients On Facebook?
⟶ How to Get Clients On Facebook by Muskaan (Student Special)


Module 05

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to get Clients on Instagram using my Effective Strategies


Module 06

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to get High Ticket Clients on LinkedIn?
⟶ The Top 50 profiles to Connect with on LinkedIn


Module 07

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to get Clients using Twitter as a Newbie Freelancer.


Module 08

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ The Basics of Cold Emails and how to find Prospects for Cold Emails?
⟶ The Best Research Strategies that you can use for Cold Emailing


Module 09

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to build High Income Networks to get Clients


Module 10

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ Strategy Sessions and Discovery Calls- Part 1
⟶ Strategy Sessions and Discovery Calls- Part 2


Module 11

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to create Proposals that Lead to Conversions


Module 12

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ How to rock Client On-Boarding for Pro-Freelancers


Module 13

In this module, I'll teach you
⟶ My favourite Tools and Hacks, every Freelancers should know about.

Isn’t this what you want to learn?

Special Bonuses

I love to support our Freelance 101 Academy Students with the best resources curated from my personal experience of working as a Freelancer these last 7 years and making Multiple Six Figures.

So, if you join Freelance 101 Academy TODAY, you will get access to:


Access to 3 of my Client Calls- Where I Converted $2000+ Per Client.

You've got to check out 3 of my live recording where I convert Three of my earliest clients for $2000 Per Month. It's a super practical lesson for any new freelancer.


A Guide To Pitch 6-Figure Clients - Everything You Need To Know

This Guide contains everything you will need to Pitch to 6-Figure Clients, even as a complete Beginner!


Roadmap To 100K Followers For LinkedIn Growth

You will get access to all the secrets that helped me go Viral and helped me make over 100K+ followers in the shortest time period!


Ultimate Instagram Growth E-Book

If you’re still confused on how to Grow on Instagram, this handbook has got it all covered.


Multiple Income Streams Workbook- How To Master Them

How To Master Them- This workbook has everything for you to Diversify your Income Streams and How to Master them just like how I did it.


ChatGPT E-Book: Your Ultimate MoneyMaking Machine

This workbook will help you to turn Chat GPT into your personal Money Making Machine.


Ultimate Tool Guide For Freelancers - From Creation and Marketing to Growth

From Creation and Marketing to Growth- As Freelancers you need to have every tool on your disposal and inside this workbook I have covered EVERY tool you will ever need.

Want to get access to all of these? Join Before we run out of Seats

And do you meet other Experts? YES.

I wanted our students to learn about Industry trends from Industry Leaders like .......

Meet Jasmin

The King of Linkedin discussed How to use the Power of LinkedIn and Content Creation in 2023.

How to build a Highly Engaged Community and not just “followers”

How to have an “audience first” approach to content

Meet Dot Lung

The Dragon of Social Media discussed ​​How to Build a Loyal Tribe of Superfans on Social Media!

She shared the Dragon’s Formula to Social Media Success!

She revealed all the secrets that helped her work with brands like FB, Wix, LOREAL, Bloom, etc.

Meet Chase

The OG Email Marketer discussed his journey as the Top Email Marketer and how he made $100M+

What’s the future of email marketing as a side hustle for freelancers like you.

How to get High Paying Clients as an Email Marketer

Meet Ishan

The Famous Ishan Sharma from YouTube is growing his own empire and is also closing single client who will pay him $4000 USD per month - recurring!

That's 48,000 USD for a single client for a year.

Meet Ansh

Ansh Mehra discussed How to talk to AI (like it’s a person) and get Clients like Zuddl.

He also shared How to use ChatGPT as your new BEST FRIEND for getting better results!

How to use mid-journey like a PRO and become unbeatable in the market!

Meet Unnati

Getting clients from Twitter by just using her content is Unnati's Superpower.

She grew her agency to $100,000 USD+ annually with her co-founder Vedika.

Her clients includes names like Arvind Arora & Sarva.

Meet Lipsa

Freelance 101 Academy's OG Member Lipsa has reached new heights.​

She charges $3000/retainer and $800/article

She got published on top crypto websites such as Coindesk (NYT of crypto), OKX (#3 crypto exchange)

Meet Brandslane

They have taught our students their Method of Getting High-Paying Clients as a Performance Marketer.

How They Manage 20+ Clients.

How They Scaled to 2.5CR in Annual Revenue.

Do you also want to learn from the Best and become Unbeatable in the Market?

Then you need to join Freelance 101 Academy Now!

Why is Freelance 101 Academy one of it's kind?

Live Calls With Saheli

Where I will teach you Industry Secrets that I have learned in the last 8 years and things that I am still learning while working with Industry Giants.

Live Calls with Mentors

Live Calls with Mentors from every niche so no matter what niche-specific questions you might have I have made sure you get the answers.

Co-Working Session

I wanted to make sure all my students were productive and making money together and that’s why I started the Co-Working Session where all our students can work together in a productive environment and get things done!

Regular QnA

Stuck on a Module or have questions related to your First Discovery call and need an answer immediately? We have regular Q&A where all your questions are solved then and there.

Largest Freelancing Community

I have created the Largest Facebook Community for Freelancers where you can connect with other Top Freelancers, get your Portfolio checked by our mentors, and every other thing you need. Our Facebook Community’s got it all!

Students of F101 Academy are constantly making 50k -1 Lac+ every month.

Here's what they have to say.

"Joining Freelance 101 Academy gave me a New Direction in my career and helped me cross the 50,000+ just in a few Months."
"From quitting my job and not earning anything to making 1Lac+ every month, F101 Academy really helped me a lot."
"Saheli has helped me work with both National and International clients and make 50K per month, I am really grateful to her academy"
"Freelance 101 Academy got me my first client within the first 10-15 days and I went from 0-30K."
"I got my first client within a Few Weeks of joining the Academy and now I am earning 50,000+ by only working 4-5 hours a day."
"Freelance 101 Academy has helped me Get and Retain Clients Consistently with their amazing strategies."
"Freelance 101 Academy has helped me make at least 300 times my investment as a Freelancer."

You can keep scrolling through the 100s of testimonials on this page alone. Or, take the first step in becoming one of our success stories.





Saheli, I am a newbie with no experience, will Freelance Academy help me?

This course has everything a beginner needs; where I will go through how to get attract high-ticket clients and get clients as a Freelancer. Whether you are just starting out or you are an established freelancer and want to take it to the next level, Freelance 101 Academy’s got your back!

Saheli, is there any proof Freelance 101 Academy will help me?

Yes, I have tons! Check them out here. Also, you can see our Real Student Wins on Freelance 101 Academy’s Instagram page too, so you can completely trust me and Freelance 101 Academy.

What if I don’t get any results?

I have designed a support system with a team so well that will constantly track your growth and help you at any instance that you need help! We also hold Live Sessions every week solving all your problems and giving you directions that will guarantee you get results.

Are there any more charges after this?

No Boss, this is a one-time payment with no hidden charges so after you enroll you are only gonna Earn Money!

What if I miss any of the Live Classes?

Don’t worry you will get the recording of it so that you don't miss out on any value.

How will I access the Academy or the Bonuses?

You will get access to everything via the same email that you registered on Freelance 101 Academy with and also through the Facebook Group.

Still have questions?