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Make Money with Your Skills.

You can make atleast 50,000INR -1 LAC per month - even if you have no skills yet!

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I did it. 2465+ Students did it.

You, Boss, Can do it too!

  • You can be financially Independent by working as a Freelancer doing things you love and using the skills that you didn’t know you already have.

  • It doesn’t matter if you only can do it part-time, or if the only thing you know right now is how to communicate in English.

  • You will make money serving Indian and global clients.


Let me show you how.

Making Income Online is Easy. Earning Money for your skills, is not rocket science. It's in fact, simple.

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Freelance 101 Academy is for you if...

  • You're ambitous and want to learn how to make money with your skills by working online with clients across the globe - but you have no idea where to start! ​

  • You want to make 50K-1LacINR +/ month working part-time or full-time as a freelancer and need guidance on how to do it. ​

  • You have basic English skills. ​

  • You want to start your career as a Freelancer in Service-Based Niches like Content Writing, Copywriting, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance, Sales Funnels, and Consulting. ​​

  • You want to learn practical strategies How to get Well-Paying Clients who value your skills and not just theoretical BS. ​

  • You want to be your own Boss- choose your clients and grow professionally on your own terms.

I made 20,19,044INR working Part-Time at 20... So Can You...if you do something NOW.

But, how can I be so sure?

My student Sunaina has been earning more than 1 Lakh every month as a freelancer.

Another student of Freelance 101 academy Srestha has been hitting 1 Lakh part-time freelancing along with a School.

And Anchal has been hitting consecutive 1 lakh months with content writing!

Scroll below to find more achievements and since one page is not enough for all the success stories, you can check here for more

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Hi Boss, 

I'm Saheli

I started Freelancing at 17 as a Content Writer and used to get paid just 0.12ppw for my efforts. I always knew that my services were worth more but I was too scared to raise my prices and without the right guidance it was difficult for me to get what I deserved. 

Since then I have freelanced in multiple niches before finally zeroing on Marketing and soon after I successfully started making multiple Lacs a month as a Freelancer in Social Media Marketing. 

When I was 20, I started coaching students to become freelancers.


  • Making over 25 Lacs+ in less than 18 months as a Freelancer.

  • Making over 75 Lacs+ in Revenue in 3 Years just with Freelancing

  • Overcoming mental barriers to build my dream life as my own Boss.

  • Coaching 2378+ students to start freelancing in Service-Based Industries

  • Catching your attention, because I am determined to make you succeed - no matter what your income goal is

I started coaching students to help them become well-paid freelancers because I realised that there are many people struggling to step into the world of Financial Freedom and get paid what their skills deserve due to lack of proper guidance.  

With proper strategies and the right guidance, you can become financially independent by learning how to identify your skills and make money with those skills in 30 days or less

How Can Freelance 101 Academy Help You?

  • How to identify and learn profitable skills that are in demand globally to earn a full-time income- even if you only want to work part-time!

  • How to get and attract Well-Paying Clients - Indian and International.

  • How to create a Portfolio, send Proposals and use Contracts as a Freelancer.

  • How to make 1Lac INR+/month as a Freelancer using High Paying Client Attraction Strategies.

  • You can get extended support inside a community Facebook Group & ask questions directly to me in Weekly Zoom Live Calls - so once you're in your success is my responsibility.

Freelance 101 Academy is your best friend if you want to become a highly paid Freelancer.  

It will guide you with everything you need to know about Freelancing starting from identifying the best skills for you, resources to learn those skills, a complete process to get clients across the globe who will pay you for those skills and ultimately scaling your income to 1 Lakh in 3-6 months.

What do you get inside?