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Start making money online with your skills in just 30 days by working with clients globally.

You can make at least 50,000 - 1 Lac per month by working 2-3 hours a day as a freelancer even if you are a beginner.

Get Proven Frameworks, Strategies, Done-For-You Templates and everything you may need.


Let me teach you how 1753+ Students and I did it in 2022 alone, and…

You boss! Can do it too.

You will become financially independent working as a freelancer doing things you love and using skills that you didn't know you have.

Don't have enough time? Or the only skill you have now is how to communicate in English? No problem. We have got your back.

You will be making 50,000 to 1,00,000 INR by serving Indian and international clients.

Sounds appealing?


"Have already made at least 300X times my investment as a Freelancer”

Joining Freelance 101 Academy was one of the best things I did in my Freelancing Journey.

In fact, within 1 month of joining, I made 4x the investment of the course, and with the guidance of Saheli and the team along with community members, I was able to become one of many members of TEAM 1 LAC in just 5 months.

So yeah, if you are someone who wants to become financially independent then Freelance 101 academy is perfect for you.

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"Earning 10k+ USD per client as an SEO Consultant"

Freelance 101 is a course that has offered an insane amount of value for an SEO Consultant like me. Saheli and her team make sure that each and every session that they conduct delivers more than what was promised. With a lot of data and case studies to support what is being taught in the sessions, the live classes are the best part of the course. I'd highly recommend this to a person who is just starting their freelancing journey and also to those who have some experience. With golden nuggets of information and templates to get started asap, this course has been a catalyst in my consulting career.

Kapil Ochani, Seo Consultant

Freelance 101 Academy is perfect for you if :

You are ambitious and want to learn how to make extra money with your skills without quitting your job, but need guidance on where to start.

You want to make 50k - 1 Lac+ per month working part-time or full-time as a freelancer and just need guidance on how to do it.

You have basic English speaking and writing skill. 

You want to make your career in freelancing and earn in 6-figures by working in Service-Based niches like Content Writing, Copywriting, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant, Sales Funnels, and Consulting.

You want to learn the secret strategies to get High-paying clients for your services who value your skill and time.


Most importantly, you want to be your own BOSS and choose who you work with on your own terms.


Does this sound like you?

Students of F101 Academy are constantly making

50k -1 Lac+ every month.

Here's what they have to say.

She's making 50k+ per month after joining Freelance 101 Academy.

Shrutika, Social Media Manager


From making 1000 INR to 1 Lac+ in just 3 months after joining Freelance 101 Academy

Komal, Graphic Designer


She's making 1 Lac+ per month consistently by applying strategies learned from Freelance 101 Academy.

Megha, Content Writer


She's making 60k to 1 Lac per month after joining Freelance 101 Academy and applying proven strategies.

Shiny, Copywriter


YOU can do it, all you have to do is take action.

Top High Paying Skills that you will be learning

inside the F101 Academy are..

Top High Paying Skills_icons-01.png


You will learn how to write long form content like blogs, copy for social ads, emails, landing pages, and more.

Top High Paying Skills_icons-02.png


You will learn how to manage and grow social media platforms, create strategies for brands and individuals.

Top High Paying Skills_icons-03.png


You will learn how to create content that goes Viral and that you can use to land Inbound leads. 

Top High Paying Skills_icons-04.png


You will learn how to sell and market your services as an expert to get high-paying clients who will pay you $2000+ per project. 

Top High Paying Skills_icons-05.png


You will learn how to present yourself as an industry expert and consult your client by providing solutions to their problems using your expertise.

And more..

So tell me are you ready to become a high-income freelancer?

The best part about FREELANCE 101 ACADEMY is that you will get to learn from someone who actually made 20,19,044 INR working part-time as a freelancer at the age of 20 and actually earns as a Freelancer!

Meet Your Mentor

Hey Boss!

I'm Saheli

I started Freelancing at 17 as a Content Writer and used to get paid just 0.12ppw for my efforts. I always knew that my services were worth more but I was too scared to raise my prices and without the right guidance it was difficult for me to get what I deserved. 

​Since then I have freelanced in multiple niches before finally zeroing in on Marketing and soon I successfully started making multiple Lacs a month as a Freelancer in Social Media Marketing. 

When I was 20, I started coaching students to become freelancers.

Featured in:

"Saheli is a leading voice in the world of marketing and freelancing."


 Here are a few of my Achievements.

  1. Making over 25 Lacs+ in less than 18 months as a Freelancer. 

  2. Making over 75 Lacs+ in Revenue in 3 Years just by  Freelancing 

  3. Overcoming mental barriers to build my dream life as my own Boss. 

  4. Coaching 2378+ students to start freelancing in Service-Based Industries 

  5. Catching your attention, because I am determined to make you successful - no matter what your income goal is.

I started coaching students to help them become well-paid freelancers because I realized that many people are struggling to step into the world of Financial Freedom and get paid for what their skills deserve due to a lack of proper guidance.  

I believe with proper strategies and the right guidance, you can become financially independent by learning how to identify your skills and make money with those skills in 30 days or less.

So tell me, are you ready to learn from me to become financially independent?

What Freelance 101 Academy 
Can Help You With?

  • How to identify and learn profitable skills that are in demand globally to earn a full-time income - even if you only want to work part-time! 

  • How to get and attract Well-Paying Clients - Indian and International. 

  • How to create a kickass portfolio, send proposals and use contracts as a Freelancer.


  • How to make 1Lac INR+/month as a Freelancer using High Paying Client Attraction Strategies.

  • How to market and sell your services like a pro to become a 6-figure freelancer.

Bonuses Worth 77,994+ For Free,
If you enroll today, you get:

Access to the Course Content of Pre Recorded Videos (+ All Updates)

( Value 17,999INR)

Worksheets,  Workbooks, Cheatsheets, and Guides To Help You Implement everything you learn

( Value 6,999INR)

2 Live Exclusive Q&A Group Coaching Calls every week for 3 Months

( Value 14,999INR)

VIP Support For All Queries in FB Group for a Year

( Value 5,999INR)

Join Bonus: 10 Monthly MasterClasses - 6 Skillsets + 4 New Additions

( Value 19,999INR)

1:1 Call with Saheli For Top Performers

( Value 11,999INR)


A Guide to Pitch 6-Figure Clients - My Email Template Revealed + 10 Ready-to-Use Cold Email Templates I used to get $1000 Paying Clients


Total Value: 77,994+ INR 

In the BRAND NEW Academy, we have 13 Modules!


Module 1:  

In this module, I'll teach you the basics of freelancing, and will help you in identifying the exact skill to go for, along with planning to reach six figures or 1,00,000/ month.


Module 2:  

In this module, you will learn to build a strong portfolio from scratch based on the 10 factors of a high income portfolio, along with the pricing strategy that works.


Module 3:  

In this module you will learn about the effective ways to optimize your social platforms in such a way that it will increase your social visibilit so that clients can find you easily. 


Module 4:  

In this module you will learn about the secret strategies that helped me to get high-ticket clients through Facebook.


Module 5:  

In this module you will learn about the proven strategies to get $1000+ Paying clients through Instagram.


Module 6:  

In this module you will learn about the effective strategies that helped me to get high-ticket clients through LinkedIn


Module 7:  

In this module you will be learning directly from Twitter experts Unnati and Vedika, where they will teach you the exact strategies to bag high ticket clients through Twitter. 


Module 8:  

In this module you will learn about the effective ways to write proper cold emails that will get you your dream Client.


Module 9:  

In this module you will learn about the proper ways to make a high income network to get inbound leads consistently.


Module 10:  

In this module you will learn the exact steps I use to make proposals for high-ticket clients, along with the proven strategies to maximize conversions.


Module 11:  

In this module you will learn about the effective ways to onboard high paying clients like a pro freelancer.


Module 12:  

 In this module you will learn about the best and effective ways to create content that sells and how to make it go viral to bring in more sales.


Module 13:  

In this module you will be equipped with the best tools and hacks that I personally use to scale my operations.

Isn’t this what you want to learn?



Meet Brandslane

  • They have taught our students their Method of Getting High-Paying Clients as a Performance Marketer


  • How They Manage 20+ Clients

  • How They Scaled to 2.5CR in Annual Revenue


Meet Unnati

  • Getting clients from Twitter by just using her content is Unnati's Superpower. 

  • She grew her agency to $100,000 USD+ annually with her co-founder Vedika.

  • Her clients includes names like Arvind Arora & Sarva 


Meet Ishan

  • The Famous Ishan Sharma from Youtube is growing his own empire and is also closing single client who will pay him $4000 USD/ month - recurring!

  • That's 48,000 USD for a single client for a year.


Meet Lipsa

  • Freelance 101 Academy's OG Member Lipsa has reached new heights.

  • She charges $3000/retainer and $800/article

  • She got published on top crypto websites such as Coindesk (NYT of crypto), OKX (#3 crypto exchange)

Students who got their first clients

Students who made 1 Lacs+

Yes, we work with Real Clients! Here's proof!

U revenue.jpg

So many Success Stories and I Haven't 
added everyone's here!

The next will be yours 

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