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Are you tired of struggling to attract leads and clients despite your efforts on social media?

As a Social Media Marketing Expert, I specialize in helping service-based businesses and freelancers like you grow their following, generate leads, & maximize revenue using the power of social media.

Let me be your guide to crushing it on social media and achieving remarkable success in your business.

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Through my expertise and industry insights, we'll streamline your marketing efforts, optimize your online presence, and achieve exponential growth. Let's create a tailored strategy that resonates with your target audience and propels your business forward.


With my guidance and proven strategies, you'll attract high-paying clients, negotiate rates confidently, and establish yourself as a sought-after freelancer. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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I'm Saheli, and Your Marketing Girl

If you're tired of struggling to attract leads and clients despite your efforts on social media, I've got your back. Together, let's harness the power of social media to skyrocket your business success.

Proven strategies to grow your following and increase engagement

Expert guidance to generate quality leads and boost your revenue

Personalized approach tailored to your unique business goals

Ongoing support to help you crush it in the ever-changing digital landscape

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"Saheli's timing, expertise, and our existing connection made her offer irresistible. Her proven track record and social proof gave me the confidence to trust her with my Instagram growth.

In just the first month, Saheli's strategies delivered outstanding results. I'm now entering the second month with complete satisfaction and excitement. If you're looking for someone who truly understands social media and delivers exceptional results, Saheli is the real deal."

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Freelance 101 Academy

Imagine a life where you call the shots, set your own rates, and work on projects that excite you. With our proven strategies, you'll attract high-paying clients like bees to honey, commanding top dollar for your exceptional services- and you will soon DOMINATE your industry.

Don't let your talent go to waste – seize the moment, enroll in Freelance 101 Academy, and embark on a thrilling adventure towards high income and the life you deserve!

Self-Starter Resourses

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Roadmap for Freelancers

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Here’s What People Say About My Academy...

I knew that I'm well skilled but I didn't have confidence in myself and my skills. I have been doing a job but I knew that I deserved more and that's when I came across Saheli's Freelance 101 Academy, and in no time I left my toxic job and signed up for the course. And it's like a dream to tell now that I reached 4.5 Lakhs in revenue only by using Cold Emailing. Now, I am going to start my own Marketing agency. I'm thankful to Freelance 101 Academy, the entire team, and my peers for the constant support and value.


I am a Full-Time freelancer and landed a High-Ticket Client package of 70k/month just after 3 months of Freelancing. I found solutions to all of my queries in the Facebook Group Community. I implemented the experiences shared by many of the previous batches of Students and this motivated me to keep going. In the end, it's all about the powerful tactics and strategies that are shared in the Academy that encouraged me 🤗


I hit Freaking 1 Lakh at the age of 19 while doing Freelancing part-time along with being a student. Last year I was only earning INR 380/month and that has changed to $2k/Month after joining Freelance 101 Academy. A year can change a lot.


I am a Graphic Designer and a Brand Strategist and was making 1.5 Lakh/month but I was stuck revenue-wise. The live sessions inside the Academy are so good and in one of Freelance 101 Academy's Live Sessions, I learned how to Implement Cold Outreach. Within 15 days of implementation of my learnings, I closed a deal of $5000/ Client with an International Client.


I reached my 1 lakh income goal within a few months of joining the Freelance 101 Academy. During my freelancing journey whenever I felt stuck or anxious I could share my doubts inside the Facebook Community. Inside Freelance 101 Academy, you don’t just get modules and resources to start your freelance journey, you get daily support from the academy and fellow freelancers.✨


I am now in #team50k, and this is just the second month of my work. I started working with my first client in February last week and got to 30k last month. This time, I couldn't wait for the payment to post this. My first client recommended me to her friend...and boom! I am working with 3 clients and might drop one of them, and still make more than 50-60k a month. I am grateful for everything.


I'll guide you towards success with effective marketing strategies

As an ambitious individual, I understand the challenges of conforming to societal expectations for success. But there's a better way.

Through effective marketing, I've discovered the power of embracing your true self and sharing unique perspectives. Let me guide you on this transformative journey.

If you're struggling to attract leads and clients, it's time to tap into authentic marketing. Together, we'll craft strategies that align with your values, amplify your voice, and leave a lasting impact.

Let's build a business that brings you joy, fulfillment, and helps clients achieve their goals authentically. Get in touch today, and let's embark on this exciting adventure together.