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15 Tips To Grow On Youtube

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

1. Use Keyword Rich Title and Description- Keywords Everywhere is a free tool to help you! 2. Your keywords must have both short tail and long tail keywords of your niche. 3. Use Appropriate Tags. Always a good idea to install Tubebuddy, check the highest ranking videos of the keywords you target and copy their tags. YOU WILL BE SUGGESTED TO THEIR VIEWERS! 4. Optimise Your Thumbnail so that it depicts what is in the video as well as the title. 5. Follow Trends and utilise the trends of your niche for making videos. 6. Make engaging content that increases watch time and ranks you higher for Youtube Search. 7. Collaborate with others in your niche who make similar content. 8. TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL 9. Create Playlists and optimise the playlist descriptions with keywords as well 10. Your ABOUT section has to have the keywords you target. 11. 5 SEC HOOK - In the 5 second intro, tell them what you are teaching or sharing in the video. 12. Ask for a comment in the first 2 minutes. Comments and Likes help push up your video in search results. 13. Share a Freebie relevant to the video to direct people to join your email list in exchange of some more VALUE. 14. Reply to all comments with more than 5 words, and show genuine care. 15. Ask people what they want to see next. All my top videos were requests from my subscribers which helped me grow to 100k !

I hope this tips help- you can always ask for more in the comments!

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