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7 Steps To Use Instagram To Get Clients

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


1. Optimise your bio to appear in search results of potential clients.

For Ex: If you are Pinterest Expert mention that you are a one in your name field and in your bio.

2. Add Value To Your Audience in Stories and create Highlights where you save them for your audience to check out forever. Stories also help to create more personal relationship hence videos are preferable. 3. Have a Call To Action in your bio, and link the landing page beneath it. It maybe a free guide, a facebook group you want people to join, a product you may want them to buy. 4. Ask questions to your audience and find out their problems. Solve them in your future posts. 5. Add Free Value, and once in a while encourage them to go for your paid product/service. Do not feel shy to advertise. By providing free value 90% of the time you have earned the right to ask for getting paid 10% of the time. 6. Build relationships with people in your niche and people you feel you can serve by talking with them, checking on them and helping them whenever possible. When they or someone they know need your service, they will get in touch! 7. Set goals for yourself. When working for a client or myself - I usually like to get in touch with 10 people everyday in my or my client's niches. Usually 5 people actually respond - which means you create 150 relationships every month. I target converting 3-5 of them into clients. It seems difficult but once your break it down it is soooooo easy! You can always ask more if you have queries and share your experience.

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