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Letters from Saheli

Hey Boss, Are You ready to get richer every week?


Then sign up below  :


  • Get an inside look at how I built multiple six-figure businesses by 22.

  • Learn how to create money-making online businesses - secrets and proven strategies that people don't talk about!

  • Get to know all my fails and wins- raw and unfiltered, twice a month!

  • Get to know the person behind the business- the best and worst - beyond the success stories.

  • The secret sites, tools and templates I am not going to share publically ( just between us!)

  • Once a month, Premium Free to Attend, Invite-Only Freelance Classes to grow your income by atleast 2-5x.


Here's a big promise : If you do not make money with my strategies in 90 days or less, drop me a mail and I will pay you 10,000INR. 

Why? Because I am so confident that anyone who applies my strategies, will make money.

See Boss, It's Simple.

My growth depends on the growth of the Indian Freelance industry.


And I want my free materials to be enough to do that - although it's always a delight to host you in Freelance 101 Academy. I want to :

  • Make you a leader - not just my follower.

  • Make you earn at least 1 Lac per month without feeling frustrated.

  • Make you Financially Free and Skilled enough to earn as much as you want.

I am determined.


Are you?

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