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You have skills. And You DESERVE To Be Paid for them! Let me show you how?

Hi! I have a few questions for you!

- Do you ever find yourself worrying about money?

- Do you struggle to make progress in life financially?

- Do you feel like you deserve more, but just do not know how?

If yes- I can help you! Tell me :


- Would you like to make money on your own terms? 

- Would you like to be financially independent?

- How would your life change if you could make an income doing things that you love? 

If that's a change you look forward to- say hello to me! I have tried and tested it all!


Thanks to the Digital World- I started making money when I was only 17 years old! By 19, I was financially capable to take care of myself and now at 21- I consider myself financially free enough to do the things I love without worrying about money.


Although I started my journey at a young age- It took my almost 5 years to figure things out. Many a times, despite my BEST efforts I would not get results. I would look at other successful people and feel that something must be wrong with me- until I realised this : NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME. I AM JUST WASTING MY TIME ON THE WRONG THINGS. Once I figured that out- and became more intentional with my efforts in Freelancing, Social Media and Business I saw my Bank Balance grow TEN times within 2 years.

Are you ready to learn more?

Join Freelance 101 Academy - New Batch starts in Jan 2022.

Who am I?

Hailing from a small town of West Bengal, I am a passionate entrepreneur who is obsessed with Social Media! I got my first Freelance Gig at 15 and since then I have helped several clients globally with their content and marketing strategies. 

I am also the creator of YouTube Channel Helly where I help 500K+ people improve their lives with educational entertainment! 

Thanks to the power of Social Media - I have been successful in making full-time income with part-time efforts as a college student. Currently, I'm leading a movement to help people get paid for their skills by choosing unconventional career paths - so if you are interested in writing, marketing, have services you wish to sell or starting your own online business - you're at the right place!

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