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You Are Welcome To My Inner Circle.

I’ve always talked about how I love how my profession allows me to pursue my passions. One of my passions, being an avid reader, has of course been, writing.

Although my half-baked thoughts find a place in old yellow journals or diaries that my grandfather gifted me after getting multiple every year, thanks to insurance companies - I have always loved to write.

I’ve decided to start a heartfelt newsletter series where I actually pen down these thoughts, no more in secrecy, but for your eyes.

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Why Now?

When I was 14, I created a Facebook Page. It was called, I am Helly.


My personal blog. I lost it to some unfavorable circumstances.

And then, Life happened. However, I'd love to do something similar again.

Here’s to the love for writing, and to thank your love for me.

What can you expect in these letters?

I’ll write to you as if you were a friend.

I’ll write about life. Of Sadness. Of Music. Of Fun. Of Pain. Of Love. Of Warm Hugs. Of fleeting moments, gone before they happened.


Of my life, not as a Youtuber, or a Freelancer - but as the Helly you have not met yet.

Thank you for making my thoughts a part of your life. 


Welcome to my Inner World. Every 1st of the Month, I'll write to you.

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