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You Can Start a Profitable Freelance Career in 30 Days!

Let me know if this looks like you :

- You're looking for ways to make money online, but you don't know where to start!

- You have little or zero skills, but you know you can do more!

- You want a career shift or want a career where you are your own Boss

- You want to work with high paying clients who value your skills

- You do not want to waste any time in figuring out how things work, and want someone to give you the EXACT FRAMEWORK to Build A Successful Freelance Career.


1-On-1 Freelance Mentorship 

If You have always wanted to be a Freelancer-  but you think you don't have any Skills or don't know how or where to get started- this Mentorship is for you.


I've helped absolute beginners start a freelance career from scratch- and experienced freelancers get better clients who pay you what you're really WORTH!


Have a look at what  some of my students have to say...

Saheli's idea helped me land my first international client ... In almost a month I was able to make INR 18,000 from this client alone.  Currently I have 3 clients and I had to refuse 2. I could not imagine my work is worth this much money. That call was the best thing I invested on in 2020!

- Ashquanda

Your consultation was helpful for me when I didn't have knowledge about freelancing, Yes I see concrete results of making money.... So far reached Rs.1,00,000/month as highest.

- Mercy 

It's not even been a month since I started my career as a content writer and I have already started to work with a good client who pays me 20,000 per month. For a fresher like me it's such a big deal.

- Aisha

The Unique Thing about my Mentorship is that in only 60 Minutes-  I can transform your life and career journey.

Each session is personalized to YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS, instead of a one-size-fits-all course which often does not cater to specific needs.

This is why my students get Fast Results, the fastest being Mercy who got a client just ONE HOUR after our call!


Below are a few more from over 50 Testimonials!

After following Saheli’s advice, I tapped one client within a week of the session for 27,000INR. And another one after 15 days or so. I have reached 40,000INR in a Month.... I am still connecting to people from the industry and taking projects which add on the above given income. My investment in Saheli’s mentorship session brought an absolute change in my professional and personal life.

- Bani

 Before taking this mentorship call I earned 240INR in May. Fast Forward to July, I closed two deals for writing copy for a website. As a beginner, I charge 3000-4000 INR for website copy.

- Narmadha

Thank you so much for this, you’ve been of great help throughout! I'm currently working as an Appointment setter, making $100+ per week with 2-3 hours of daily work since I am a college student.

- Arya

These past 5 weeks are crazy I learned so many things from you and people like you. I did my first project of logo designing for my client and currently working on my other client he wants me to edit his video. I also started my own youtube channel and podcast show where I document my freelance journey, just try to build my own personal brand so I can get more work,

- Lalit

I also offer extended support until

you get your First client!

So if you're worried about getting stuck- I assure you - I'll be there to guide you along the obstacles you come across. After the session, you can email me with any queries and I'll surely help you out.


A total of 10 Bonus Resources will help you stay on track, price your services, get clients, learn how to write emails, and  much more. It has everything you may need in your freelance career - compiled from my years of experience. I promise, this will save you a tonne of time as you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

So, How does it work?

- After you book a session, you will get my available dates and timings.

- Book the slot best suited for you. Usually Most my slots are booked for up to a month, so BE FAST TAKE ACTION!

- Once you confirm the slot, I will be emailing you with the details I need to personalize your session.

- You MUST reply to the email at least 3 days before your session to allow me ample time to personalize your session.

-On the slotted time and date- I will call you and we will discuss your strategy to start making money as a freelancer - preferably within a month!

- On the Video Call/Voice Call- you will be allowed to record the session.

- After the call, you will be supplied with the templates and checklists for your journey to be easier.

- You must update me with your progress every two weeks.

- Until you get your first client, I'll be supplying you with any additional material or assistance you might need.

PLUS, You will be entitled to get every upcoming BONUSES for future Mentorship Sessions, for FREE.