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Learn A High-Income Skill

In 2 Hours or


Hey Boss!




If you are ready to grow your business by learning a High-Income Skill - Graphic Design should be the way to go.

Why, you ask?

Because NO MATTER WHAT business you run- you need graphics. For content, for presentations, for ads.

Every time your graphics don't look appealing, you miss out on traffic and conversion.

And if you want to learn Graphic Design as a core skill-set, even better.

Our student, Priyankar has charged even up to 12 Lakhs for a single client for creating brand strategy and graphics.


How? Graphic Designing is one of the highest-paying skills in the market right now with top designers charging between $5000 to $7000 per client. 

Even if you are in an aligned industry like Social Media or Consulting - knowledge of graphic design makes you more valuable.


So isn't it wise to learn the skill as soon as possible, before your competitors do?

And what if You not only learnt the skill but also, to get clients?


Learn From

Two Experts!

I can help anyone get clients and make money.

Shubham is a top Graphic Designer making 1 Lakh+/month.

This is exactly why we will co-host this masterclass where he will guide you on his personal journey to 

the Six-Figure Club in less than a month!


And Not only that-he also received an inbound opportunity from a startup that raised about $100 million and also is working with multiple international clients and getting interviewed by Pitchground. 


Shubham has never revealed his secrets before- but on 17th, he is ready to.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-14 at 9.53.18 AM.jpeg

So in this masterclass, you learn both the skill and strategies to make money with it. Talk about a complete package!

I will also be there teaching you the proven blueprint of how to bag back-to-back clients in less than two hours- so that in less than 14 days after the class, you have something to show in your bank account!

In this 2-hour masterclass, you’ll get to learn-


Not only that but you’ll be walking away with all the important resources from my our years of experience

Takeaways of your investment will be :

2 Hour Masterclass on How To Get Started As A Graphic Designer ( Value: 2999 INR)

The Exact 30-Day Roadmap To Get Clients. ( Value: 1299 INR)

Ready To Use Templates  (Value: 1499 INR)

All The Important Resources You Need As A Graphic Designer 

Total Value: 5797 INR!


However, if you grab your seat within the next 24 hours, you can get it at just  799 INR.  After that, the price will go up to 999 INR.

Boss, you know that Freelance 101 Academy loves equipping you with High Paying Skills at the most affordable prices.

All you need to do today is click the button below and jump-start your way to financial freedom by building expertise in designing and creativity under my and Shubham’s guidance!

Make sure you join in.

This will be a full-blown training that will change your career.

I'm confident in my abilities and Shubham's- and it's time to make you in yours.

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