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Secrets to make 25 Lacs A Year as a Freelancer ... Finally Revealed!

24th December, 6PM.

1000 Seats. Ready to learn all my secrets?

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If you’re someone who is starting from nothing - with no knowledge of how Freelancing works, who pays you and why would they even hire you - I understand. I started there too. 

It took me a year to figure it out.


But you don't have to spend 2 years, I'll help you to  figure it out in less than 2 hours by joining me on this Free Masterclass.

Sign Up Below for FREE!

"I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the class, but I've never been more surprised by how much I learned and how much she really does know about freelancing"

Anchal, 6-Figure Freelancer.

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Hi, I am Saheli!

  • I am working as a Freelancer for over 5 Years Now!

  • I have made over 1Cr as a Freelancer in last 3 Years

  • I have built Multiple Income Streams

  • At 21 I moved out by becoming fully financially independent

  • I have worked with Indian and Global Clients and generated them revenue.

  • I charge 1-2Lacs/client now

  • And I am finally a DOG MOM!


How This Workshop will
10X Your Income FOREVER

✓ How I went from 20K A Year at 17 to 25 Lacs a Year at 21 in 5 Simple Steps That You Can Follow As Well To Get Results

5 High-Paying Industries You Can Make More Money in - so that you can avoid the others!

5 High-Paying Skills That People will Easily Pay You For - all the In-demand High-Paying Skills That You Can Start Offering and charge $1000-$5000 / Month

3 Types of Clients That Pay The Best and How You Can Get Them. Just one of these can get you clients who pay you $500 USD/ project

✓ Real Client Strategy That I made 31 Lacs For A Single Project

✓ Content Mix that Gets You 30-50,000 INR Paying Clients - With Low Efforts

Word-by-word scripts for calls and messages to make an easy sale

So boss - this Masterclass will not only equip you with a High Income Skill - but also teach you how to get ACTUALLY PAID FOR IT.

Highlights of What You'll Learn

3 Ways To Get Clients

Content Mix that Gets You 30-50,000 INR Paying Clients

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You'll learn the 3 Best methods to get clients that I personally have used over the years. I will also teach you how to find the 3 types of clients that pay $500 USD/ Project and how you can use these three methods to land them even as a Beginner!

In this free masterclass I'll also spill the content mix that you can use to land Inbound leads who will pay you over 30-50,000 INR per project.

P.S. This is the same content mix that I use for myself and my clients!!

Word-by-Word Scripts For Calls and Messages

Not just that I'll also give you access to the exact message and discovery call script that I have been using for the last 4 years to land back-to-back High-Paying clients!!! 

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Workshop Workbook That You Can Not Get Anywhere Else

I promise you this workbook is going to change your life - with extremely organised strategies and the exact areas of brainstorming you are missing!

Value : 4,999 INR

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CASE STUDY #1 : How I Worked With 2 Unicorn Brands in 2022

This year I worked with 2 Major Unicorn Brands as a Freelancer and inside this Case Study, I will spill the exact secret to HOW I GOT THEM AS MY CLIENTS! 

Value : 7,999 INR


Email Templates I Used To Get Dream Clients

This year I also landed my dream clients with the power of just ONE Email and in this Masterclass I will give you full access to the strategy behind it for FREE!

Value : 3,999 INR

Teal Green Grey Professional Gradients Business Case Study and Report Business Presentatio
Teal Green Grey Professional Gradients Business Case Study and Report Business Presentatio
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One of the biggest reasons I get paid invoices like this - is because I spent years trying to figure out how to identify my top skills and actually get good quality clients.

You can learn a great deal of it - without any trial and error - in 2 HOURS.

Real Invoice Worth 6Lacs

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