10x Freelancer
Book Now 1499 299/-
5th May, 2024
10x Freelancer
Book Now 1499 299/-
5th May, 2024

You ready to be a High-Income Freelancer?

I have made over $230,000 as a Freelancer.
You ready to steal my PROVEN strategies, templates and tools?


Years of experience


Served Clients


Students Mentored

5th May, 7 pm

Live Session

299₹ Only!



Years of experience


Served Clients


Students Mentored

how to get paid 1-2lac/CLIENT

What will you Learn In 2 Hours?

This is for the part-time or full-time freelancers with BIG INCOME GOALS.
If you are a beginner or under 50k/month in revenue- this masterclass will change your game. FOREVER.

01 mins - 30 mins

My $100,000 USD Proven Framework to get clients

What if you knew exactly what to do to scale to 6 figures?
My 4 Component Formula will Change your Freelance Game.
-> You will be more confident to start
-> Be able to charge higher by raising your VALUE
-> Understand exactly how to raise your rates

31 mins - 60 mins

5 High-Paying Client Types That Pay $2000/Project

5 High-Paying Client Types who paid me $2000USD per month [and exactly how you can get them].
-> Who are they, and why do they pay well?
-> Where To Find The Clients Who Need Your Services?
-> How to Approach and Pitch Them?

61 mins - 90 mins

Casestudy: How my Client paid me $7000 USD for one Project!

2 Weeks ago I closed a Client who paid me $7000 just for one Project!
-> Exact Pitch I Sent Them
‍-> Revenue Generating Prompts
-> Exact Client Acquisition Process

91 mins - 120 mins

Bonus: 5 Pitches That You Can Steal to Get Your Next Client

You will get the complete overview on
-> What a Real Client Acquisition Process looks like
-> Pitches I used to close $1-2K per month deals
-> Exact pitches I used to close International Clients as a Newbie

This Masterclass is Perfect for....

Students or Part-Time Freelancers

Want to earn as a freelancer part time?

-> If you have 2 hours a day or can work on weekends.
-> Looking for an extra source of income

I was a part-time freelancer!

To Quit Your Job

Wanna quit your 9-5 and be your own Boss?

-> This Masterclass will help you become a 10x Freelancer
-> Learn practical strategies that will show you How to get Well-Paying Clients who value your skills from real life experience and not just theoretical BS.

Full - Time Freelancers

Already a Freelancer?
Want to earn really well?

I have been there, done that.
-> The pitches, templates and hacks will easily scale your income
-> Learn my proven techniques as a Full-time Freelancer to make $100,000 or more, every year.

Meet YOUR mentor

Hi, I'm Saheli

And I can promise you, with me, making money online gets easier. The legit way.

I am working as a Freelancer for over 7 Years Now!

I have made over 1.5 Cr as a Freelancer in last 3 Years

I have built Multiple Income Streams

I have coached 2378+ students to start freelancing in Service-Based Industries

At 21 I moved out by becoming fully financially independent

I have worked with Indian and Global Clients and generated them revenue.

I charge 1-2Lacs/client now

And I am finally a DOG MOM!

Bonuses for 10x Freelancer Masterclass


Freelancers Handbook: Ultimate Guide For Newbie Freelancers

This Handbook is a MUST for any Freelancer who want to make 100,000 INR! Why? Because you get EVERYTHING you need as a Freelancer here, including some of MY OWN Templates to make $5,000 USD!


Live recording of Saheli's Converting an International Client

You've got to check out my live recording where I convert one of my earliest clients. It's a super practical lesson for any new freelancer.


30 Days Content Guide For Freelancers

Unlock the secret to six-figure success with this power-packed 30 Day Content Guide. 📊💰It's time to level up your game and thrive like never before! 🚀 Just copy my tried and tested content plan.


Freelancers Handbook- Make Six Figures As a Freelancer

This Handbook is a MUST for any Freelancer who want to make 100,000 INR! Why? Because you get EVERYTHING you need as a Freelancer here, including some of MY OWN Templates to make $5,000 USD!

We have very limited seats for this Masterclass as you'll be learning everything I did RIGHT in these last 3 years and will be even walking away with my real Client call Recordings and Case studies.


Will I get a recording of the Masterclass?

Yes you will get the special recording of the session but only if you attend till the end. That’s fair right? You will also get all the tools and resources I will discuss.

How will I get the Link of the Masterclass or the Bonuses?

You will get your individual Zoom link on the registered email address on the morning of the Masterclass. And you will receive all the bonuses within one hour after the session ends!

What if I Miss the Masterclass?

Don’t worry in that case we’ll send you a recording, just let us know in advance!

How is this Masterclass different that any other Masterclass in the market right now?

I can't speak for other masterclasses, but this Masterclass has secrets that even my students don't have access to including a special recording of my own prospect call that will show you exactly how I converted a High ticket client

Saheli, I am a newbie with no experience, will this Masterclass help me?

This is exactly and especially for beginners where we will go through how to get attract high-ticket clients and 10x your freelance growth as a Beginner. Whether you are just starting out or you are an established freelancer and want to take it to the next level, learning the skill to attract high-ticket clients will fast track your Freelance Business by 10x

I don't know much about you Saheli. How can I be assured that this masterclass will help me make money?

I have trained over 5000+ students and gotten them results with over 2345+ students making full time income as a freelancer. And in this masterclass, I will teach you everything I do myself to make money as a Freelancer so be assured that you will get results. Beyond that, you can also do your research before you Join!

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